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XYZ2DEM Importer - Tutorials, Examples, Applications

  The ImageJ plugin XYZ2DEM Importer imports X,Y,Z coordinates of (usually irregularly distributed) points from the first 3 columns of a plain text file and interpolates a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) image using a Delaunay triangulation.
Author: Martin Schlüter (ij[at]ms3d.de), i3mainz
Contributor: Barry Joe, author of Geompack
History: 2012/07/01: Optionally create a Tiff World File '.tfw'
2012/07/01: Rename result to file extension '.tif'
2009/04/23: Fix (removes java generics compiler warnings)
2005/02/22: First version
Open Source: Download XYZ2DEM Importer from National Institutes of Health.
Download XYZ2DEM Importer from local mirror.


Short Tutorials:
How to Set Appropriate Input Parameters: Let XYZ2DEM Importer comply with the requirements of your application by manually selecting appropriate input parameters. This page offers a very small data set and discusses the results of typical parameter settings. See how your parameter settings influence the resulting Digital Elevation Image.
Notes on Input Text File Formats: XYZ2DEM Importer accepts several delimiters and notations of comments. An example shows common possibilities.
Notes on Geocoding: XYZ2DEM Importer optionally keeps the geocoding of your raster image in a world file. Learn how to pass your ImageJ results to Geographic Information Systems!


Educational Tutorials Including Large Data Sets:
Import a Digital Elevation Model image of Nantucket Island. This example demonstrates the typical use of XYZ2DEM Importer using a real world data set. Using a proper chosen Maximum edge length parameter, we additionally obtain an approximate coastline.
Import a Digital Elevation Model image of Nantucket Island and apply a coastline polygon. Here we explain how to proceed if an a priori known outline polygon of the input data is given. This example is intended for comparison with the results from the strategy above.


Background Reading:
A scientific survey on Triangle-Based Surface Models by Leila De Floriani, Paola Magillo, Silvia Bussi and Elsag Bailey, Intelligent Systems and Robotics, 2000. Get a local copy of the pdf document here.


Related Publications:
M. Schlüter, L. Pfeiffer, K. Berner, C. Weides: Deformation Analysis of Sandwich Surfaces Prior to Buckling Failure Employing a 3-d Scanning System and Open Source Image Processing Software. Photogrammetrie - Fernerkundung - Geoinformation (PFG) vol. 6, 2006.
K. Berner, L. Pfeiffer, M. Schlüter, C. Weides: Mit 3D-Scanning zur Erfassung des Knitterversagens von Sandwichpaneelen. Ingenieurvermessung 2004, Zürich, 15.-19. März 2004.