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Geometric Mappings

The ImageJ plugins Affine_Mapping, Bilinear_Mapping and Projective_Mapping perform geometric transforms using control points.
Author: Martin Schlüter (ij[at]ms3d.de), i3mainz
Date: 2009/05/08
Source and Installation: Download and unzip GeometricMappings.zip to the plugins folder maintaining the directory structure
  • ImageJ\plugins\GeometricMappings,
  • ImageJ\plugins\GeometricMappings\interpolators,
  • ImageJ\plugins\GeometricMappings\mappings
and restart ImageJ. There will be a new "GeometricMappings" folder in the Plugins menu.
For older versions of ImageJ (before v1.39) you have to move the file Jama-1.0.2.jar to ImageJ/jre/lib/ext directory of your ImageJ installation (or to /Library/Java/Extensions on Mac OS X).


Educational Tutorials Including Data Set:
Perform an Affine Mapping using 3 control points.
Perform a Projective Mapping using 4 control points.
Perform a Bilinear Mapping using 4 control points.


Background Reading:
These plugins are based on classes and methods described in the textbook by Burger and Burge: Digital Image Processing - An Algorithmic Introduction using Java, Springer 2008.